Scientific day 2019

Family and Pension System

Each year, the economic demography department organizes a scientific workshop where researchers present their work on a unifying theme.


Workshop Early childhood policies (May 30th 2017) 

Workshop Poverty and at-risk of poverty (May 19th 2016) 

Workshop Transition to adulthood (May 27th 2015)

Workshop Time: sharing a finite resource (May 13th 2014)

Workshop Measures and effects of inequality in education (March 28th 2013)

Workshop Integration of migrants and their descendants: housing and employment (March 13th 2012)

Conference on the Economics of the family (October 6-8 2011)

Conference Recent developments in family economics (March 18-19 2010)

Workshop The intergenerational transfers (March 17th 2009)

Workshop Age, living standards and welfare: which challenges for pensions? (March 18th 2008)

Workshop Work and parenting make it compatible? (March 6th 2007)

  • Workshop Spatial disparities and migrations (December 1st 2005) 
  • Workshop Education (December 7th 2004)  
  • Workshop Collective models (December 2003)

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